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Domain Names

The first step to getting your business online is registering a domain name. The domain name acts as your identity and is a word or group of words to uniquely identify your website.

DeFreitas Computers can register your domain name in a few easy steps.
domain names

Australian Domain Name Eligibility

Please note for .COM.AU and .NET.AU domain names you are required to be an Australian sole trader, business or company and will need to provide proof of this by supplying your Australian Business Number (ABN), Australian Company Number (ACN), State Business Number, Trademark Number or Incorporated Association Number to prove eligibility.

The Domain Name must be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the name of the registrant’s company or trading name, organization or association name or trademark, OR, be closely and substantially connected to the registrant. 

Global Domain Name Eligibility

Global Domain Names such as .COM and .NET are open domain names and have no restrictions on who can register them. Both individuals and organisations can register this type or domain and use it for legal purposes.

Domain Name Extensions
You may have noticed a range of extensions (top-level domains) such as .COM, .COM.AU, .NET and much more. In Australia and are the most common domain extensions however if possible we recommend your register other popular extensions to protect your online brand identity and make it easier for customers to find you.

Domain Name Upgrades
Your domain name can be connected to additional services such as DNS Management and Domain name forwarding, Email Hosting and Web Hosting.

To register your Domain Name or for more information:

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