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Data Recovery

When data loss occurs don’t panic in most cases we can recover your files and have you back up and running quickly.

Data loss is an issue, which can affect any computer system at any time. We have had great success in recovering data from a variety of different devices including:

  • Internal & External Desktop/Notebook hard drives
  • Raid Arrays and single drive server storage
  • USB drives & camera/portable media
  • CD/DVD & BluRay Disks

hdd data recovery

We value the importance of data to all our clients and we maintain the strictest confidentiality under all circumstances. We do not disclose your data to any parties and it will be destroyed 7 days after being delivered to you or earlier on your request.

Common Causes of Data Loss Include:

  • Human Error.
  • Data Corruption
  • Electro-mechanical/Hard Drive Failure
  • Virus Attacks
  • Computer Theft/Crime
  • Fire or other natural disasters

Common Symptoms that you require a data recovery service:

  • Hard drive noises (clunking, clicking, knocking, whistling or grinding)
  • Hard drive is producing smoke or is physically burnt
  • Hard drive is water damaged, virus infected or appears unformatted.
  • Bios not detecting hard drive
  • Files or drive deleted, formatted or imaged.
  • Operating system freezing, not booting or pc restarting.

Please note: If data loss occurs attempting to recover the data yourself and continued computer usage may further reduce the chances of successful data recovery. Your best and safest course of action is turn off your computer and contact a DFC engineer without delay.

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