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We specialise in designing and implementing network solutions no matter how big or small.

DFC provides full project implementation and managed corporate network services. Whether we assist by reducing the burden on organizations requiring their own in-house expertise, we can design, install, upgrade and maintain your network from switch / router configuration to VPN tunnels and coordinating fibre optic runs between your buildings.

Wired & Wireless Networks:

We can setup your home or office network securely to enable users access to Internet connection, shared files and printers. Wireless access points or hotspots can be implemented to allow connectivity from your pc or notebook so that you can be wherever you like and still be connected.

Virtual Private Network (VPN):

VPNWe can create a VPN for your organization essentially creating a secure “tunnel” between two or more sites and offices using the internet. The VPN will also allow your employees to work while they are away from the office eg. From home or hotel. They will be able to access all their files as if they were in the office.

There are different security options for VPN setups we use industry standard IPSEC/Security protocols together with firewalls to encrypt your data. This is a cost effective way to connect offices and share data securely.

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