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IT Maintenance

DFC can maintain your IT equipment and keep it running smoothly.

DFC Desktop, Server and Network maintenance is a cost effective way to maintain system stability and business up time. Maintenance services are generally organised at a convenient time to suit your business. These routine visits can be scheduled as often as once a day, week, fortnight or month. While completing routine maintenance tasks an engineer can tend to staff members that have saved up their small non-critical issues or enquiries for the scheduled maintenance visit. Clients often find after using these services their staff morale and productivity have increased due to more reliable computer systems.

it maintenance
Preventative Maintenance plans summary:

  • Install necessary updates and service packs.
  • Check Anti virus and other installed software.
  • Check system log files and Memory Optimisation.
  • Check Disk space utilisation, Defragmentation of hard drives and redundancy.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Check Networking Devices and Firewall settings & logs.
  • Check Print Servers, Printers and UPS’s.
  • Check Active Directory as well as file & folder security.
  • Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
  • Check Backups and much more.

Remote Real-Time Monitoring:

Keeping your systems monitored can identify system errors early and reduce the impact. Monitoring of your computer network, servers, internet connection, back-up drives assist us in resolving these issues before they become bigger problems thus giving your business peace of mind.

Key items such as Server errors messages, Hard drive capacity, Memory/CPU Utilisation, running processes & service and more are captured and reported to our live monitoring station so that our technical stall are notified as soon as a problem arrises.

Service Level Agreements

If you find your business requires a more proactive approach to it’s IT systems we have Service Level Agreements (SLA) to suit your needs.

We understand that system down time has a critical impact and places a large strain on any organization. These support plans allow us build a strategic business relationship and ensure a fast prioritised response towards the resolution of any issue that may arrise.
We can tailor the support plans to meet your businesses needs.

Service Level Agreement support hours are purchased in bulk and can be redeemed for preventative maintenance, workshop/on-site/remote support, project services. We can customise the SLA to meet your business requirements.

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