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Monthly Archives: November 2013

SMTP (Outgoing Mail Servers) for Australian ISP

ISP: Outgoing Mail Server AAPT Bigpond : Blink Internet : Dodo : iiNet : Internode: iPrimus: OntheNet: Optusnet : Ozemail : People Telecom : (NSW) Three (3G Mobile) : TPG : Unwired : ** Virgin Mobile 3G: Vodafone 3G: […]

How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC

Build up your computer’s defenses Don’t be tricked into downloading malware Build up your computer’s defenses Install antivirus and antispyware programs from a trusted source Never download anything in response to a warning from a program you didn’t install or don’t recognize that claims it will protect your PC or offers to remove viruses. It […]

How to help your kids use social websites more safely

These days, many kids draw little distinction between real life and online life. Whatever they’re doing, they should understand that many of these webpages can be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet. Kids can use the web to: Chat Play games Post and browse through photos and videos Blog Post an online profile […]

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