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Free up disk space on Windows 7 & Server 2008

Over time hard drive free space reduces with combination of user documents, temporary files, windows and program files and various other files.

Commonly the general house keeping of deleting temporary files, emptying recycle bin data, and deleting internet cache may not be recovering the space you were hoping for.

There is a Windows sub directory which seems to keep growing known as winsxs.

There is now a way to cleanup data in the winsxs directory with a plugin for Disk Cleanup Wizard.

Downloading the plugin:

Depending on your version of windows 7 & server 2008 below are the download links.

Installation and Usage:

  • After downloading and installing you will need to run the Disk Cleanup utility, this can be found in your start menu or simply search for “cleanmgr” in the start search box.
  • Right – click on cleanmgr.exe and select run as administrator
  • In the Disk Cleanup wizard make sure “Windows Update Cleanup
  • Select any other areas you would like cleaned then click OK and the Disk Cleanup wizard will do the rest.

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